View this video from Dr Tahir ul Qadri, who defines "Biddah" to justify innovative practices that has no root in the religion. Watch how he twists the simple mind to call everything "Biddah" including the collection of Quran, or documentation of hadith, or construction of mosque with bricks etc. This is an incredibly silly reasoning as he mixes different things in same speech. This is not the definition of Biddah reported by any scholar. For a simpleton, it can confuse them easily leading them into performing innovative practice.

Perception in the West is that “Islam” is against the “Western” world, and these views have been further intensified after the incidents following September 11. In the Muslim world, there is deep frustration over the “West’ and west is perceived as enemy of Islam based on long historical experiences of crusades, invasions, colonialism, support for Orientalist, fall of Caliphate in Turkey, Palestinian occupation, Gulf wars, invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan etc. Both of these points of views have to be debated ..

Allah swt has outlawed “riba” and the Prophet pbuh explained to us what is “riba”. So, we do not need the dictionary of this filthy man to translate Arabic to us. Good that in Urdu we have word “sood” (سود) so this filthy man couldn’t fool any one in urdu.. so he is trying his sick mind to twist English.

While Sir Syed Ahmed blamed Ulema to make mockery of Hadith and Tafsir by mentioning mysterious things, but Syed Ahmed himself is biggest guilty of this act.

Fasting is one of the five pillars1 of Islam. Fasting is called “sawm” in the Qur'an, which literally means "to abstain".

The Month of Rabi al-Awwal has started. With this month, brings the yearly bid’aa of celebrating the Prophet’s (pbuh) birthday.

During the time of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), affiliation was due to Islam (اسلام) and Eaman (ايمان). Thus they identified people as either Muslims (believers) or Kufar (non-believers). Then the time came when they called people “Zahidoon” (زاهدون) or “Abidoon” (عابدون), due to their Zuhd (زهد).